Introducing Exciting Updates November Roundup

Shopping Enhancements for a Festive Season

This month, we’re thrilled to unveil three dynamic Shopping features just in time for the holidays.

  • Timestamps for Highlighted Products: Now, you can emphasize specific products at the perfect moments in your videos. Simply head to the “Tag products” section and click “Add timestamps.” Please note, this feature is available for long-form videos over a minute long, with a 30-second interval requirement between each timestamp.
  • Bulk Tagging of Affiliate Products: Monetize your older content efficiently by tagging affiliate products across your video library in bulk. Explore this through the “Shopping” tab in Studio, where you can easily select videos and fine-tune product tagging.
  • Insights into Affiliate Revenue: Soon, you’ll gain insights into which affiliate products are driving the most revenue for your channel. Navigate to Studio > “Analytics” tab > “Revenue” > “Affiliate program” for comprehensive sales metrics.

Seamless Navigation with the “You” Tab

Discover effortless access to your playlists, settings, and account details consolidated in one place. Simply tap your profile picture on the home page’s bottom-right corner to explore and manage your accounts, watch history, created playlists, and videos.

Enhanced Watch Page Interaction

Engage your audience like never before with our enhanced watch page features:

  • Visual Cues for Engagement: Encourage likes and subscriptions during your video, and visual cues will accompany your prompts. Viewers will even be rewarded with playful sparkles upon interaction.
  • Dynamic Updates: Top comments rotate for easy access to the best community feedback. Additionally, new video uploads showcase real-time updates on view and like counts for the first 24 hours, offering a dynamic interaction experience.

Important Tax Form Reminder

As 2023 draws to a close, monetizing creators are reminded to ensure a valid tax form is on file before December 10, 2023. Update tax information via your AdSense account’s “Payments” and “Payments info” sections to potentially benefit from recalculated taxes and applicable refunds.

Personalized “For You” Shelf

Coming soon, the “For You” section atop your channel’s “Home” tab will curate content based on individual viewer preferences. Customize your channel’s “For you” settings in advance through YouTube Studio, tailoring recommendations for your audience.

Your Feedback Matters!

Explore these updates and tailor your channel’s experience for an engaging holiday season. We’re excited to hear your thoughts—check the description for more information and share your feedback in the comments below.

Join us next month for more exciting features and updates!

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