OpenAI Investors Spot Lucrative Startup Prospects Amidst ChatGPT Expansion

In the wake of OpenAI’s recent announcement regarding AI “apps,” concerns have arisen among AI startup founders about the potential impact on their ventures. However, two prominent OpenAI investors offered a more optimistic perspective during a Reuters NEXT conference, emphasizing the continued potential for innovation and growth in the AI sector.

OpenAI’s Marketplace Unveiling

OpenAI’s Marketplace Revolution: Beyond the Fear of Startup Demise

OpenAI, renowned for the widely-used ChatGPT chatbot, introduced a groundbreaking marketplace. This platform enables users to access personalized AI “apps” designed for various tasks, from teaching math to creating unique stickers.


Sequoia Capital’s Confidence in AI Innovation

Konstantine Buhler, partner at Sequoia Capital and an OpenAI investor since 2021, dismissed fears of stifled innovation. He highlighted the immense room for continued advancement in AI, positioning the current landscape as an intermediary step in a transformative, decades-long revolution.

Thrive Capital’s Outlook on Consumer Applications

Avery Klemmer, partner at Thrive Capital, expressed confidence in the emergence of consumer applications alongside ChatGPT. Anticipating novel formats and engaging applications, Klemmer foresees further innovations inspired by the success of AI chatbots.

The Early Stages of AI Development

Despite considerable investments in AI technology, both from companies and venture capital firms, analysts and investors argue that the development of AI products is still in its early stages. This perspective underscores the vast potential for growth and advancement in the AI sector.

The Cost Factor and Future Implications

Jill Chase, partner at CapitalG, shed light on the evolving cost dynamics within the AI landscape. While currently expensive to build applications using large language models, the accelerated pace of research may lead to a rapid decline in AI inference costs. This, in turn, could spark the creation of new businesses and empower existing players in the field.


In conclusion, OpenAI’s foray into AI “apps” is not viewed as a threat to AI startups by key investors. Instead, they see it as a catalyst for further innovation and opportunities, marking just an intermediary step in the ongoing revolution in AI technology. As the industry continues to evolve, the potential for novel formats, consumer applications, and cost-effective AI development remains high.

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