VIDEO: Aliza’s sehar naked boobs got leaked in viral vlogs video on Twitter

Aliza’s, a famous TikTok star, recently became a victim of a leaked video. In the video, she does everyday tasks on her family’s farm. She learned about the leak three days before it went viral and immediately visited the Federal Investigation Agency’s Cybercrime office in Multan to report the incident. Despite being upset, Aliza praised the cooperation she received from investigators.

The person responsible for leaking the video lives in Qatar but is originally from Okara. When contacted, he admitted to editing the footage but denied sharing it online. Aliza was devastated and cried while mentioning these details. She even expressed her desire to take legal action against the culprit if he ever returned to Pakistan.

Aliza’s videos are known for their simplicity, authenticity, and ability to connect with viewers. They often show her baking bread, Cooking Meals, and caring for the livestock on her family’s farm. The leaked video immediately went viral and caused Aliza’s name to trend across social media platforms. Initially, she refrained from making a public statement but addressed the situation through a video posted on her TikTok account.

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