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Exposed Covert Propaganda Targeting Pakistan Linked to India and Afghanistan

A secret propaganda campaign designed to tarnish Pakistan’s global image has been revealed, with its origins traced back to a collaboration between India and Afghanistan. This covert operation, conducted through an anonymous social media account called ‘Al Mursad,’ involves spreading false narratives and misinformation, raising concerns about the unethical use of disinformation in regional politics.

India’s Ongoing Involvement

India has a history of involvement in such covert propaganda campaigns against Pakistan. Over time, India has been implicated in information warfare, manipulating social media trends, and disseminating misleading narratives to undermine Pakistan’s reputation globally. These efforts, often linked to India’s intelligence agencies, have raised concerns about disinformation’s role in shaping public opinion.

‘Al Mursad’: The Anonymous Propaganda Machine

At the center of this operation is ‘Al Mursad,’ an anonymous social media account playing a key role in spreading false information about Pakistan. While the true identity of ‘Al Mursad’ remains unknown, insiders have revealed its financial backing from India’s intelligence agency, RAW. The account receives substantial funding, fueling its activities in spreading disinformation.

Tactics and Targets

‘Al Mursad’ operates in multiple languages, including Urdu, Pashto, Arabic, and English, aiming to reach a diverse global audience. The campaign uses tactics such as fabricating stories and leveraging social media to influence trending topics. One recent objective was to discredit Pakistan’s decision to repatriate illegal Afghan immigrants. In this mission, ‘Al Mursad’ collaborated with Afghanistan, creating negative content to spread inaccurate narratives.

Social Media Celebrities’ Role

The campaign extends its reach by engaging with social media celebrities, leveraging their influence to endorse misleading narratives. By involving public figures, the misinformation gains credibility, making it harder to distinguish between truth and falsehood.

Pakistan’s Call for Action

In response, Pakistan has called for a thorough investigation into these allegations. The country urges the international community to take decisive action against those orchestrating this deceptive propaganda campaign. This exposure emphasizes the need for global cooperation and vigilance against disinformation, ensuring the integrity of information amidst orchestrated deception.

As the truth behind these covert activities unfolds, it serves as a stark reminder of the challenges posed by disinformation in the digital age. Addressing these challenges requires global cooperation, technological vigilance, and a commitment to upholding the integrity of information in the face of orchestrated deception.

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