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Israeli Offensive Claims Over 7,500 Lives in Gaza, Adding 300 More to the Tragedy

Israeli Attacks in Gaza

Israel ready to obliterate Gaza. The ground forces have entered Gaza, and the most devastating bombardment naval ships and planes in the sea continues.

Lost in Gaza Bombings

Another 300 Palestinians martyred the Israeli bombing of Gaza, including 53 personnel the United Nations Relief Agency. The total number of martyrs reached 7,500. 15 United Nations relief agency personnel have killed in just one day, while more than 21,000 Palestinians have injured in Israeli attacks so far.

Explosions and Smoke Blanket the Sky

Due to the ongoing Israeli attacks on gaza’s, the echo of explosions being heard in different places, while smoke clouds seen rising towards the sky due to the fire in many places. The besieged northern areas of Beit Lahia, Beit Hanoun, and the northwestern and central areas Gaza’s City were the most targeted. A residential tower in al-Shati camp, south of Gaza’s City, blown down, killing more than 100 people.

In the same area, two houses also attacked, killing 16 people and injuring 60. The Israeli army has threatened that the nature Gaza’s will change after the war, and the Palestinians have told to vacate the entire northern part Gaza and move to the south.

Gaza’s Communication Shutdown

Telephone and Internet lines have completely shut down in Gaza’s, due to which people have lost communication with each other, and it feared that the genocide Palestinians committed tonight will not revealed to the world.

UNICEF and WHO Express Concern

The United Nations agency UNICEF says that contact with staff working in had cut off, and we deeply concerned about the safety of colleagues in Gaza. UNICEF said it was deeply concerned about another night of unspeakable horror for the 1 million children in Gaza. The World Health Organization says that the shutdown of the Internet has cut off communication with staff in the Gaza Strip.

Scottish First Minister Hamza Youssef has said that he is unable to contact his family can only pray that they alive. Meanwhile, the Israeli army had also warned the American and French news organizations that the security of their journalists cannot assured. Al-Qassam Brigade of Hamas says that the bloody clashes continuing, the remains the Israeli soldiers will swallowed up the land of Gaza.

Gaza’s Internet Outage

On the other hand, the Palestinian Prime Minister says that the suspension of Internet service is a precursor to a ground attack on the Strip. According to Al-Jazeera bureau chief Wael al-Dahdouh, about 100 Israeli planes are bombing, Israeli artillery has also shelled Gaza, Israeli planes have also bombed near Al-Shafa Hospital. According to the report, there were no immediate reports of casualties due to the loss of communications.

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