OnePlus Open Surprises with Stylus Support, Posing a Challenge to Galaxy Z Fold 5

In a surprising turn of events, the OnePlus Open, OnePlus’s debut foldable device, has quietly introduced stylus support, putting it in direct competition with the likes of the Galaxy Z Fold 5. This revelation, though not initially highlighted during its launch, has set the OnePlus Open apart in the ever-evolving landscape of foldable smartphones.

While the One’Plus Open bears a striking resemblance to the OPPO Find N3, it brings a unique feature to the table: stylus compatibility. This unexpected addition was discovered by keen-eyed Redditor Rashed341, who found an option for a stylus within the device’s settings, despite no official acknowledgment from OnePlus during their media briefing or in the reviewer’s guide.

The stylus in question is the OPPO Pen, originally designed for the OPPO Find N2. Notably, this accessory is compatible with both the OPPO Find N3 and Find N2, making it a suitable choice for OnePlus Open users as well. What’s even more impressive is that the OnePlus Open supports stylus input on both of its screens, a feature One’Plus didn’t have time to showcase during the device’s launch event.

This development narrows the gap between the OnePlus Open and the Galaxy Z Fold 5, a device known for its S Pen support. With stylus compatibility, the OnePlus Open now challenges Samsung on yet another front. Although Samsung retains a few advantages such as wireless charging and an IP68 rating, the OnePlus Open offers compelling features at a more affordable price point.

Beyond its newfound stylus support, the One’Plus Open boasts superior display technology, impressive battery and charging specifications, and a significantly improved camera, all at a competitive price. It’s worth noting that the OPPO Pen might not be widely available worldwide, but for those who manage to acquire one, the One’Plus Open promises an enhanced user experience.

As the foldable smartphone market continues to evolve, One’Plus has proven its commitment to innovation, making the One’Plus Open a noteworthy contender in the race for the best foldable device. Keep an eye on this space for further updates as these tech giants battle it out for supremacy.

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