More Than 530 Cyber Attacks Every Second on the World Internet

LONDON: New data presented by cybersecurity experts reveals a startling surge in cyber attacks, with more than 40 million potential attacks detected daily. Telecom giant BT has reported a significant increase in cyber threats, citing hackers’ use of automation and machine learning to identify weaknesses in cyber defenses, particularly targeting internet-connected devices.

Over the past 12 months, the highest number of cyber attacks recorded in sectors such as IT, defense, banking, and insurance, with charities also facing a staggering 7.85 million attacks. According to BT’s data, experts identified more than 530 potential cyber attacks every second, emphasizing the alarming rate at which these threats are occurring.

BT has issued a warning, expressing concerns over the escalating trend of Cyber Attack’s. These figures released on the eve of Cyber Security Awareness Month, highlighting the urgent need for increased vigilance and robust cybersecurity measures.

Truston Morgan, an official from the company, emphasized the alarming rise of cyber attacks in the UK. He pointed out that the evolving structure of contemporary businesses, coupled with the growing volume of valuable data accessible to hackers and the proliferation of internet-connected devices, has made businesses increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats. The need for enhanced cybersecurity strategies and proactive measures is now more critical than ever before. Stay informed and stay secure in the face of these evolving challenges.

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