The Muslim League (N) power show started at Minar Pakistan; Nawaz Sharif was present on the stage.

Lahore: Leader of Muslim League (N) Nawaz Sharif’s rally in Minar, Pakistan has officially started. Nawaz Sharif and other central party leaders are present on the stage. Before that, he arrived from Dubai to Islamabad and then to Lahore.

According to Express News, PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif arrived in Islamabad from the United Arab Emirates, where he met his legal team then left for Lahore by helicopter. Party leaders welcomed Nawaz Sharif at the Shahi Fort.

The Muslim League (N) organized a large rally to demonstrate its political strength at Minar Pakistan to celebrate the return of its leader, Mian Nawaz Sharif, after four years.
Leaders of PML-N from all over the country are reaching the venue with a procession of workers from their respective constituencies to participate in the rally. Minar Pakistan Ground, including Lahore, has decorated like a bride with electric lamps.

Many influential leaders, including Maryam Nawaz, arrived at the rally, while party leader Nawaz Sharif also reached Lahore from Islamabad, where Shahbaz Sharif welcomed him; later, he went to Shahi Qila by helicopter. will

Maryam Nawaz got emotional seeing Nawaz Sharif’s helicopter on the stage, and tears came out of her eyes. Apart from this, Maryam Nawaz gave a short speech in which she said that Nawaz Sharif has honoured by Allah, and today he is returning with complete honour and dignity.

On this occasion, he waved the Palestinian flag on stage to express solidarity with the Palestinians.

Nawaz Sharif’s arrival at the meeting place

Nawaz Sharif reached the meeting place in a convoy of vehicles, and as soon as he came on the stage, the venue erupted with slogans and applause while spectacular fireworks also set off on the occasion. The meeting has formally started with reciting the Holy Quran and Naat Rasul Maqbool (peace be upon him).

Later, a resolution has also presented expressing solidarity with Kashmir and the Palestinians and the immediate withdrawal of Indian and Israeli forces from both areas.

Establishment of a field hospital for emergencies

The Punjab government also established two field hospitals for the participants of the Minar Pakistan Jalsa; 2 field hospitals built in large containers have erected outside Gate No. 4, where doctors, nurses and paramedical staff are present. There is also an abundance of medicines.

In Minar, Pakistan, flowers being thrown into the venue from a small plane, and security is also being reviewed by a helicopter.

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