Apple Resolves iPhone 15 Screen Burn-in Woes with iOS 17.1 Update

The much-anticipated iPhone 15 series, although hailed for its innovative features, brought along a slew of unexpected challenges for users. Among these concerns was the unsettling “screen burn-in” issue experienced by some iPhone 15 Pro Max users. Apple, quick to respond to user complaints, has rolled out a solution in the form of the iOS 17.1 update, addressing this problem head-on.

Understanding Screen Burn-in: A Common OLED Challenge:

Screen burn-in, a well-known concern with OLED smartphones, typically emerges over time due to certain parts of the display wearing out faster than others. This discrepancy can lead to noticeable color shifts in specific areas, creating a faint “ghost” image. Unusually, the iPhone 15 Pro Max encountered this problem prematurely in its product lifecycle, sparking concerns among users.

The iOS 17.1 Update: A Timely Resolution:

Apple swiftly acknowledged the screen burn-in issue and released the iOS 17.1 Release Candidate (RC) build to beta testers. Following extensive testing, it became evident that the problem was rooted in a software glitch rather than a hardware fault. The iOS 17.1 RC build effectively resolved the image retention problem, as confirmed by several Redditors and beta testers. This positive response indicates that the issue has mitigated, providing reassurance to affected users.

What Users Can Do: Updating to iOS 17.1:

For iPhone 15 series users grappling with the screen burn-in problem, relief is on the way. Apple offers two options: users can either register for the beta track and update to the iOS 17.1 Release Candidate build immediately, or they can await the stable release, which is imminent. With the iOS 17.1 update set to roll out to the stable branch shortly, impacted users can anticipate a seamless resolution to their screen burn-in concerns.


Apple’s proactive approach in swiftly addressing the iPhone 15 series’ screen burn-in issue exemplifies its commitment to user satisfaction. As the iOS 17.1 update makes its way to all users, the screen burn-in woes faced by iPhone 15 Pro Max users will soon be a thing of the past. This incident underscores Apple’s dedication to delivering optimal user experiences and swiftly resolving challenges, ensuring that users can enjoy their cutting-edge devices without disruptions.

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