Adobe Brings Ultra HDR Image Editing to Android Users through Lightroom Update

Adobe has introduced the Ultra HDR image editing option in Lightroom mobile for Android users. This feature enhancement coincides with the imminent rollout of Android 14, and it’s fully supported by Google’s latest operating system.

What is Ultra HDR Image Editing?

Ultra HDR image editing employs a broader range of light and dark tones, allowing for the creation of highly realistic images. This mode significantly enhances the visual appeal of photos, making them appear incredibly lifelike and vivid.

Enabling Ultra HDR Editing in Lightroom for Android

To enable the Ultra HDR editing mode, users can follow these steps:

  1. Select the three-line icon in Lightroom.
  2. Navigate to Preferences.
  3. Access Photo Import Options.
  4. Enable HDR edit mode for new photos.

Enabling this mode grants users the ability to automatically view HDR data while editing imported HDR photos, enhancing the editing experience.

Device Compatibility and Rollout

Currently, Lightroom for mobile (Android) offers HDR support exclusively for Google Pixel 7 devices. This includes models such as Google Pixel 7, Google Pixel 7a, and Google Pixel 7 Pro, and it’s specifically tailored for Android 14. While this feature is currently limited to certain devices, it showcases Adobe’s commitment to providing cutting-edge editing tools for Android users.

Impact on Content Creators

Lightroom is a go-to tool for many content creators, particularly photographers, who rely on its robust editing capabilities. The mobile app version of Lightroom simplifies the photo editing process, allowing users to edit their images swiftly and efficiently. With the introduction of Adobe Ultra HDR editing, content creators can expect an even more immersive and realistic editing experience, leading to visually stunning photographs.

Please note that the complete rollout of this feature and the expansion of device compatibility may take some time. Nonetheless, this update marks a significant step forward, enhancing the editing capabilities of Android users and elevating the overall quality of their visual content. Stay tuned for further updates as Adobe continues to innovate and enhance its mobile editing platform.

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