Generative AI’s in 2024 Facing Challenges Ahead

Understanding Generative AI’s Future

Generative AI’s, the technology that makes computers talk like humans, has a big question mark for 2024. What’s the reality behind all the excitement? Let’s find out the Challenges Generative AI is going to face.

The Money Problem: Making Generative AI’s Affordable

Generative AI needs powerful computers, but they cost a lot. Big companies can pay for it, but small ones struggle. This high cost is a big problem for many people who want to use generative AI.

Dealing with Rules: AI and Laws

AI has rules to follow. These rules are changing, especially in Europe. While having rules is important, it’s not easy to follow them. Companies will need to make their own rules while waiting for the final ones. It’s a tough situation.

Finding a Balance: Innovation and Ethics

Even with challenges, there’s hope. We need to find a balance between creating new things and doing what’s right. Generative AI can change the world, but we must do it in the right way. By being careful and thoughtful, we can use generative AI to make the world better, without forgetting about being fair and good.

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