Capturing Excellence TECNO’s Revolutionary Journey in Camera Technology

TECNO, the leading mobile phone brand in Pakistan, has consistently been a trailblazer in the realm of innovative camera technology. Through the years, it has garnered widespread acclaim for its groundbreaking advancements, establishing itself as a pioneer in the mobile photography landscape. Let’s delve into the evolutionary journey of TECNO’s camera technology, a saga marked by continuous innovation and excellence.

1. Visionary Beginnings (2013-2015)

In 2013, TECNO embarked on its camera technology journey with the launch of Phantom A1, featuring a modest 2MP rear camera. However, it was a precursor to greater things. The real leap occurred in 2015 with the introduction of TECNO CAMON C9, featuring a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front-facing camera, setting the stage for TECNO’s dominance in mobile photography.

2. Dual-Lens Revolution (2017-2018)

TECNO upped its game in 2017 with CAMON CX, the first in the series to boast a dual-lens rear camera — a 16MP main sensor coupled with a 2MP sensor for depth-of-field effects. This breakthrough continued with the 2018 TECNO Camon 11 Pro, introducing a pop-up selfie camera that facilitated a bezel-less design and enhanced the screen-to-body ratio.

3. Quad-Lens Marvel (2019-2020)

The year 2019 witnessed a significant milestone with TECNO Camon 16 Premier, the first in the series to feature a quad-lens rear camera — a robust 64MP main sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide lens, and two additional 2MP camera lenses. Recognition came in 2020 when CAMON 16 Premier received the IFA Product Technology Innovation Award, a testament to its exceptional camera technology.

4. Technological Innovations (2020-2023)

TECNO continued to innovate, introducing advanced gimbal-stabilized cameras in Camon 17 Pro, reducing camera shake and ensuring smoother video production. In 2021, TECNO unveiled RGBW/G+P and Sensor Shift technologies, enhancing low-light capabilities and image quality significantly. The RGBW/G+P feature received accolades, winning the “Best Mobile Camera Innovation” award at the Global Mobile Awards.

5. Future Visions (2023 and Beyond)

In 2023, TECNO reached new heights with its retractable lens technology in the Latest Phantom X2 Pro smartphone, enabling true optical zoom without compromising the device’s sleek design. The smartphone featured a remarkable 50MP portrait lens with 2.5x optical zoom, surpassing industry standards. Additionally, TECNO announced a strategic partnership with the School of Design at the University of Leeds, aiming to enhance the application of color science to TECNO’s multi-skin tone imaging system, especially in portrait photography.


TECNO’s journey in camera technology reflects not just technological advancement but also a commitment to delivering unparalleled user experiences. With each innovation, TECNO pushes boundaries, setting new standards in the competitive tech market. TECNO’s dedication to excellence ensures its products continue to stand out, shaping the future of mobile technology.

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