Pakistan Customs Intercepts Smuggled Phones Worth Rs 27.6 Million at Karachi Airport

Customs Officials Foil Attempted Smuggling Operation

In a recent operation at Jinnah International Airport Karachi, Pakistan Customs successfully thwarted an attempt to smuggle smartphones valued at Rs 27.6 million. Vigilant officers stationed at the international arrival gate intercepted the illicit cargo, consisting of 51 mobile phones, including high-end models such as the iPhone 15 Pro Max and 14 Pro Max.

Details of the Operation

Customs officials, vigilant and alert, meticulously checked the luggage of three passengers arriving from foreign countries. To their astonishment, they discovered 51 smartphones concealed inside clothes within the suitcases. The passengers, arriving in Karachi via a connecting flight from Dubai, immediately apprehended.

Legal Action Taken

Upon inspection, it was revealed that the passengers had failed to provide necessary tax details to the customs officers, leading to a legal case against them. The confiscated phones, with an estimated worth of Rs 27.6 million, seized as part of the operation.

Smuggling of Expensive Shawls Thwarted in Lahore

In a separate incident at Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore, customs officials intercepted an attempt to smuggle 240 expensive shawls. The suspect, a woman arriving on a private airline flight from Dubai, has caught red-handed. The shawls, made from luxurious and high-quality material,estimated to be worth up to Rs 1 million.

Rising Trend in Smuggling Cases

Customs authorities have noted an alarming increase in smuggling incidents. Organized gangs have been exploiting unsuspecting individuals, often pilgrims, enticing them with promises of cheaper tickets and financial incentives to smuggle smartphones and other valuable goods.

This successful interception by Pakistan Customs underscores their dedication to curbing illegal activities and ensuring the security of the nation’s borders. Such operations not only prevent revenue losses but also contribute significantly to maintaining law and order in the country.

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