Adobe’s Project Stardust Revolutionizing Photo Editing with AI Magic

Excitement is in the air as Adobe gears up to unveil its latest creation, Adobe’s Project Stardust, at the upcoming Adobe Max event. This groundbreaking AI-powered photo editing tool promises to simplify the art of editing photographs, even for those with no prior editing experience. What sets Project Stardust apart is its revolutionary “object-aware editing engine,” designed to recognize specific elements within standard photos instantly. This intelligent tool allows effortless modifications, making photo editing a seamless experience.

In a sneak peek provided through a promotional video, Project Stardust showcases its capabilities. Imagine a yellow suitcase and its shadow automatically recognized and selected, as if separated using Photoshop’s lasso tool. The video demonstrates how these recognized objects can be moved, deleted, or modified, with the empty space seamlessly filled in to blend with the surroundings.

Similar to Photoshop’s recent innovation, the “Contextual Task Bar,” Project Stardust anticipates your creative needs. It identifies the next steps in your editing process, offering quick adjustments. For instance, a “remove distractors” button appears when a group of blurry individuals has selected. Clicking the button instantly removes the unwanted elements.

Project Stardust also incorporates generative AI capabilities, allowing users to replace selected portions of an image with AI-generated content. Whether it’s swapping articles of clothing on a model or adding artistic flair with generated flowers, the possibilities are vast.

While similar automated design tools exist in the market, Adobe’s Project Stardust aims to redefine the editing landscape. Aya Philémon, Adobe’s product manager for digital imaging, hints at the transformative potential of this new engine. While specific details about Project Stardust limited, Philémon assures that the glimpses we’ve seen so far are just the tip of the iceberg. The full extent of Project Stardust’s capabilities will unveiled at Adobe Max, commencing on October 10th.

Stay tuned as Adobe revolutionizes how we interact with photo editing, making creativity accessible to all, regardless of expertise. Witness the magic unfold at Adobe Max!

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