X Ventures Into Game Streaming and Online Shopping Transforming Into an “Everything App”

In a bold move, Elon Musk is expanding the horizons of his newly rebranded platform, X (formerly Twitter), by incorporating game streaming and online shopping features. Musk’s vision is to transform X into an “everything app,” catering to diverse user interests.

X’s Game Streaming Endeavor

X is currently in the experimental phase, testing basic game streaming features akin to platforms like Twitch. These features are exclusively available to X premium subscribers. Musk himself showcased this development during a 54-minute Diablo IV stream posted from an anonymous Twitter account. The stream previewed the upcoming game streaming feature, and Musk confirmed its imminent arrival.

Game Streaming Setup for Premium Subscribers

Mark Kalman, an engineer at X, has detailed the process for premium subscribers to set up game streaming. Subscribers can connect Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to their Twitter accounts via X Media Studio. While the current version supports viewer comments, it lacks some creator-centric features found on other platforms, indicating X’s ongoing development efforts.

Venturing Into Online Shopping

X is also delving into the realm of online shopping, with a strategic collaboration featuring Paris Hilton. The partnership involves Hilton creating four original video content programs annually, incorporating live-shopping features. This move signifies X’s determination to diversify its offerings and attract a broader user base.

X’s Strategy: Innovating to Attract Users

X’s proactive approach involves introducing compelling features to entice both existing and potential users. By incorporating game streaming and online shopping, X aims to create a multifaceted experience, aligning with Elon Musk’s vision of an “everything app.” As these features unfold, the platform’s evolution will undoubtedly be closely watched by tech enthusiasts and consumers alike. Stay tuned for the exciting developments on X, where innovation knows no bounds.

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