Punjab changes admission policy for medical, dental colleges

Punjab Education Authorities Revise Admission Policy for Medical Colleges

Introduction: The Punjab education authorities have recently made significant changes to the admission policy for government medical and dental colleges. This move had caused quite a stir, as it impacts huffaz (memorizers) the Holy Quran who previously awarded additional marks during the admission process.

The New Admission Policy: Under the revised policy, huffaz of the Holy Quran will no longer receive extra marks when applying admission to government medical and dental colleges after completing their matriculation.

Background: The decision to discontinue the practice of granting additional marks to huffaz made by the Punjab government, bringing an end to a longstanding tradition. This change prompted the directives of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC).

PMDC’s Directive: The PMDC, acting in response to a verdict from a six-member bench the Supreme Court (SC), issued clear directives against awarding extra marks to huffaz during the admissions process.

Implementation Timeline: This new admission policy will come into effect this year, signaling a shift in how admissions conducted government medical and dental colleges.

Previous Practice: Prior to this change, huffaz of the Holy Quran granted an additional 20 marks when applying admissions to government medical and dental colleges during the FSC (Intermediate) admissions process.

This adjustment in the admission policy has generated discussions and debates among various stakeholders. It remains to be seen how this policy change will impact future admissions and the representation of huffaz in medical and dental colleges across Punjab.

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