Apple Resolves iPhone 12 Radiation Concerns in France with Software Update

In a recent turn of events, French authorities have given their stamp of approval to a software update released by Apple for the iPhone 12. This decision comes after France temporarily banned the sale of iPhone 12 units in the country due to concerns over electromagnetic radiation levels.

Last week, the ban has enforced in response to failed electromagnetic radiation tests conducted on the iPhone 12. The French regulatory body, ANFR, had ordered Apple to recall all units in the country until the issue has resolved. This move prompted other European countries, including Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands, to express their support for France’s decision.

Addressing the concerns raised by France, Apple clarified that extensive lab tests, both conducted by the company and third parties, had submitted to the regulatory body. These tests confirmed that the iPhone 12 met all legal requirements concerning electromagnetic radiation levels.

In a proactive response to the situation, Apple rolled out a software update for the iPhone 12 earlier this week. The update specifically targets and resolves the radiation concerns highlighted by the French authorities. This move has confirmed by sources within the French Digital Ministry.

It’s worth noting that Belgium also raised similar concerns and requested a software update. However, at present, the update has limited to France, where the iPhone 12 units now deemed compliant with the country’s regulations.

This development showcases Apple’s commitment to addressing regulatory concerns swiftly and efficiently. With the software update, iPhone’s 12 users in France can now use their devices without worrying about electromagnetic radiation issues. The resolution of this matter not only ensures the continued availability of iPhone 12 units in France but also sets a precedent for other countries facing similar concerns.

As technology continues to evolve, regulatory bodies and tech companies play a crucial role in ensuring that devices meet the necessary standards for safety and compliance. Apple’s collaboration with regulatory authorities exemplifies the importance of open communication and swift action in addressing such concerns, ultimately benefiting consumers and fostering trust in the tech industry.

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