iPhone 15 Pro Max Users Express Concerns Over Overheating During Charging

In sunny California, where iPhone users abound, a new concern has emerged among the proud owners of the recently released iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Reports are pouring in about these sleek devices running hot, with temperatures soaring up to 47 degrees Celsius during fast charging sessions. Let’s delve into the heat of the matter.

The Rising Temperature A User’s Perspective

One of the first voices to raise alarm was Ian Zilbo, a tech reporter from 9to5Mac, who shared his experience on X (formerly known as Twitter). Zilbo noted that his iPhone 15 Pro Max heated up noticeably while undergoing fast charging. For users, this rise in temperature has been a cause for concern, especially when their device reaches the 25 to 60 percent battery mark. Even after crossing this threshold and reaching 70 percent, the phone, although cooler, remains uncomfortably warm to the touch.

Fast Charging A Double-Edged Sword

Apple introduced fast charging with the iPhone 8 in 2017, allowing users to charge their devices up to 50 percent in just half an hour. While this feature has been a game-changer in terms of convenience, it appears that the new iPhone 15 series might be taking things a bit too far, resulting in overheating issues that have caught users off guard.

EU Regulations and Apple’s Response

To comply with the European Union’s new legal requirements, Apple made a significant change by replacing the dedicated charging cable in the iPhone 15 with a USB-C charger. This alteration, while intended to align with regulations, seems to have inadvertently contributed to the heating problem experienced by users, especially during the crucial 25 to 60 percent charging window.

A Warm Reception for Apple’s Response

As iPhone users grapple with this heating concern, they eagerly await Apple’s response. Will there be a solution in the form of software updates, or is a hardware adjustment necessary? For now, the iPhone 15 series, with its fast charging capabilities, is leaving users with mixed feelings, as the heat generated during the charging process raises questions about both comfort and safety. The tech world waits with bated breath for Apple’s next move in this sizzling saga.

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