Extra Time for Tax Filing FBR Listens and Extends Deadline to October 31

Great news for taxpayers in Pakistan! The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has heard your requests and given everyone more time to file their income tax returns. Now, you have until October 31 to get your tax returns in without facing any penalties or extra charges.

Why the Extension Matters:

This extension is a direct response to the requests from business groups and tax associations. It’s the FBR’s way of making sure you have the time you need to get your tax paperwork done right. You don’t have to rush, and you won’t penalized for taking a bit more time to prepare your tax returns accurately.

You Have One More Month:

With this extension, you get an extra month to complete your tax returns. This move shows that the FBR understands the challenges people face and is willing to give you the time you need. Use this additional time wisely to ensure your tax returns are accurate and complete.

Why Filing on Time is Important:

Even though you have more time now, remember, October 31 is the final deadline. The FBR won’t be giving any more extensions after this date. Filing your tax returns on time is not just a legal requirement; it also helps the country by ensuring there’s enough money for important public services.

Your Role in the Economy:

By filing your taxes on time, you’re playing a crucial role in supporting the country’s economy. Your taxes help fund schools, hospitals, and other essential services. So, take advantage of this extra time, complete your tax returns by October 31, and contribute to the progress of our nation.

Remember, the FBR has given you this extra time because they understand that life can get busy. Don’t miss this opportunity, get your taxes sorted, and help make Pakistan’s economy stronger.

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