Meta Unveils Exciting Tech: Quest 3, Ray-Ban Glasses, and Smart Chatbots

Meta, once known as Facebook, recently had a big tech event in California. They showed off some cool new stuff that’s going to change how we use technology. Here’s what they announced:

Meta Quest 3: A Cool New Way to Play

Meta has a new thing called the Quest 3. It’s a fancy headset that lets you play games and experience a mix of the real world and virtual reality. It’s much more powerful than the old one. They’re also bringing over 100 new games to it, including some popular ones like Halo Infinite and Minecraft Legends. You can get one for $499.99, and it’s coming on October 10.

AI Chatbots: Super Smart Friends

Meta talked about smart chatbots. These are like computer friends that can chat with you on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. One of them, called Meta AI, can even show you pictures based on what you talk about. They’re teaming up with Microsoft to make it smarter. They’re also making 28 chatbots that act like famous people, and they have a tool that makes stickers that look like what you talk about. You can try them soon if you live in the United States.

Ray-Ban Smart Glasses: Glasses from the Future

Meta showed off new Ray-Ban glasses that are super smart. You can wear them and show what you see to your friends on Facebook and Instagram. They also have Meta AI, so they can tell you about things you look at. They cost $299 and are coming on October 17.

In short, Meta has some cool new stuff. There’s the Quest 3 for gaming, smart chatbots to chat with, and smart glasses for sharing your view of the world. It’s all about making tech more fun and useful for everyone.

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