Meta Unveils Strategy for Pakistan’s General Elections

Islamabad: Meta, the parent company of social media platforms like Facebook, has revealed its proactive strategy for the upcoming general elections in Pakistan.

Alice Budi Satreju, Head of Misinformation Policy for Meta Asia Pacific, outlined the key components of this strategy. They include the establishment of an election operations team, a robust policy to combat harmful content, countering misinformation, enhancing transparency in political advertisements, and implementing digital literacy and educational programs for citizens.

Satreju emphasized that Meta has been diligently preparing a comprehensive strategy for elections on its platforms over the past few years. The company is committed to investing significantly in efforts to provide reliable voting information while addressing issues like misinformation, hate speech, and voter manipulation.

To safeguard the integrity of elections worldwide, including Pakistan, Meta is leveraging international experiences and collaborating with experts, in addition to maintaining relationships with local electoral institutions. For the upcoming general elections in Pakistan, Meta has assembled a team of subject matter experts well-versed in the country’s laws and conditions. This team will monitor and respond to emerging threats, alongside Pakistani citizens who are fluent in local languages.

Satreju explained, “We are taking multiple measures to combat misconduct and harmful content, including curbing the spread of misinformation, enhancing fact-checking capabilities, and improving transparency regarding advertisements on Facebook.” This approach underscores Meta’s commitment to ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process in Pakistan.

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