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India Offers Cooperation in Hardeep Singh Murder Case

Ottawa/New Delhi: Under international and Canadian government pressure, India has expressed its willingness to cooperate in the Hardeep Singh murder case.

Pressure on India Leads to Cooperation

Due to international pressure and Canada’s strong stance, India has agreed to collaborate with Canada in investigating the murder of Hardeep Singh Najar.

India’s Pledge to Examine Evidence

The Indian Foreign Minister has stated that if Canada provides concrete evidence related to the murder, they will thoroughly examine it.

Satisfaction Among Canadian Officials

Following this statement, the Canadian intelligence agency shared evidence of the Hardeep Singh murder case with political leaders. Jagmeet Singh, the leader of the NDP, expressed his satisfaction with the progress in the investigation after reviewing the evidence.

Evidence Points to Indian Involvement

Jagmeet Singh mentioned that after seeing the evidence, it became clear that India was involved in the murder.

Safety Alert for Canadians in India

In the meantime, Canada has advised its citizens in India to exercise greater caution and be vigilant.

Global Sikh Community Protests

Furthermore, Sikhs in various Western countries, including Canada and the USA, have staged protests against the killing of Hardeep Singh, calling for action against India.

Demands for Diplomatic Measures

The protesters have demanded that the Canadian government sever all diplomatic ties with India. Canadian Sikhs have also called for the expulsion of the Indian High Commissioner.

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