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Historic Visit Israeli Minister Attends UN Conference in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: In a groundbreaking move, Israel’s Tourism Minister Haim Katz has made an official visit to Saudi Arabia to attend a United Nations conference, marking the first-ever visit by an Israeli minister to the Kingdom.

According to reports in Arab media, Tourism Minister Haim Katz’s visit to Saudi Arabia holds significant importance, as it signals a potential restoration of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Accompanied by a delegation, Israeli Tourism Minister Haim Katz arrived in Riyadh to participate in the program of the United Nations World Tourism Organization. This visit has garnered appreciation from Israel, with the Israeli Foreign Ministry acknowledging that it marks the first official visit by an Israeli minister to Saudi Arabia.

During his visit, Minister Katz emphasized the role of tourism as a bridge between nations, fostering connections and promoting economic development. He expressed his commitment to enhancing cooperation in the tourism sector and advancing Israel’s foreign relations with Saudi Arabia.

As of now, the Saudi government has not issued an official confirmation or denial regarding the Israeli minister’s visit.

In a parallel development, Saudi Arabia’s first ambassador to the Palestinian Authority, who has appointed last year, presented his diplomatic credentials to President Mahmoud Abbas, underscoring ongoing diplomatic efforts in the region.

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