Google Launches AI Training Courses Both Free and Paid Options

Google is taking steps to equip professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of AI. The company has recently rolled out a set of training resources focused on generative AI.

Free & Paid Google AI Training Courses Introduced

Google has introduced two learning paths on its Google Cloud Skills Boost platform. The first one, “Introduction to Generative AI,” has designed for individuals in non-technical roles such as sales, marketing, HR, and operations. It consists of introductory courses that lay the foundation for understanding generative AI’s significance for business. Participants can explore responsible AI principles and its applications within an organization. This path has free and can completed in just 45 minutes.

For those seeking a deeper understanding, additional courses are available. Completing the “Generative AI Fundamentals” skill badge along with two other courses on “Introduction to Large Language Models” and “Introduction to Responsible AI” will provide a comprehensive grasp of Google Cloud’s generative AI technology.

Generative AI for Developers

The second learning path, “Generative AI for Developers,” targets software developers and engineers interested in harnessing generative AI’s full potential. Before embarking on this advanced path, participants must complete prerequisite courses on “Introduction to Responsible AI” and “Generative AI Fundamentals.” It’s important to note that this advanced path comes at a cost, as Google Cloud credits required to access technical labs on services like Generative AI Studio and Vertex AI.

Google Cloud also offers a subscription called Google Cloud Innovators Plus, which provides a year of on-demand training and access to all AI content through the Google Cloud Skills Boost program. Alongside theoretical knowledge, Google provides practical labs where learners can gain hands-on experience. These labs cover various topics such as starting with Generative AI Studio, designing prompts with Vertex AI, integrating search into applications using Gen AI App Builder, and more. Each lab requires a specific number of Google Cloud credits, ranging from one to five.

Additionally, Google Cloud has partnered with DeepLearning.AI to develop a free course titled “Understanding and Applying Text Embeddings with Vertex AI,” offering insights into the practical applications of generative AI.

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