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Exposing India’s Unsubstantiated Propaganda Against Pakistani Intelligence Agency

Once again, India’s attempt to propagate false allegations against Pakistan’s intelligence agency has been debunked, revealing a recurring pattern of baseless claims.

Indian media recently pointed fingers at Pakistan’s secret agency in connection with the murder of Sikh leader Hardeep Singh, who tragically lost his life in Canada. However, it’s important to emphasize that these allegations lack any concrete evidence, while international investigations have already confirmed the involvement of Indian agencies in the incident.

India has persistently attempted to shift blame onto Pakistan for various issues, particularly regarding Indian terrorism in Occupied Kashmir. The Modi government appears to be relentless in its propaganda efforts, seemingly aimed at gaining public support in upcoming elections.

In response to these allegations, defense analyst Brigadier (Retired) Rashid Wali shared his insights with Geo News. He highlighted that India seems to have realized that the international community has well-informed about the case, and the Canadian intelligence agency possesses comprehensive information. Consequently, India’s efforts to redirect the narrative elsewhere are proving futile.

Brigadier (Retired) Rashid Wali expressed the absurdity of the accusation that Pakistan’s agency could involved in such an attempt. Multiple countries, including Canada and the United States, are collaborating on the case and possess substantial evidence against India. Thus, India is likely to face international ridicule for its actions.

Adding to this perspective, defense analyst Syed Muhammad Ali deemed the accusations made by Indian media as utterly ridiculous. The evidence regarding the case has shared with four different countries, including Canada, which has escalated the matter to the highest official levels. Australia and the United States have also called upon India to cooperate in the investigation.

Syed Muhammad Ali labeled India’s actions as a sinister conspiracy, asserting that India has consistently pursued a policy of defaming Pakistan. In light of the compelling evidence against India, these attempts at disinformation appear to be part of a broader agenda.

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