Vision Loss Tragedy Strikes Borewala 10 Victims Come Forward

In a distressing turn of events, ten individuals from Borewala, Bahawalpur, have stepped into the spotlight, revealing the tragic loss of their eyesight due to the use of injections. This alarming incident has raised concerns about the safety of medical procedures in the region.

The Unfortunate Revelation

According to a report by the private TV channel Dunya News, these victims had received Avastin injections at a private clinic in Borewala, leading to the loss of their eyesight. Among the affected individuals are six women and four men, all of whom have been referred to medical facilities in Lahore for further evaluation and treatment.

Grim Outlook for Recovery

Medical experts have expressed their concerns, stating that the chances of the affected patients regaining their vision appear to be slim. This devastating outcome has left the victims and their families grappling with the harsh reality of life without sight.

Questionable Practices for Profit

Citizens and medical professionals alike are questioning the circumstances that led to this tragic incident. Some suggest that substandard injections may have administered in pursuit of higher profits, putting the health and well-being of patients at risk.


The emergence of these ten victims in Borewala underscores the critical need for ensuring the safety and quality of medical procedures in the region. This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences that can result from lapses in medical care and highlights the importance of stringent oversight and accountability in the healthcare sector.

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