Telegram’s Quest to Become a Super App Like WeChat

Telegram’s, a globally popular messaging app, is embarking on a journey to become a super app, mirroring the ecosystem approach taken by WeChat. This strategic shift aims to create a platform where third-party developers can craft mini-apps, enhancing user engagement and functionality. Telegram’s path to super app status involves key partnerships with Tencent Cloud and the utilization of blockchain technology from the TON Foundation.

Collaborating with Tencent for Insights

Telegram’s recent move involves granting developers the ability to design adaptable interfaces using JavaScript. These interfaces can seamlessly run within the Telegram app, potentially replacing traditional websites. This super app model hinges on a network of infrastructure partners, with the TON Foundation and Tencent Cloud playing pivotal roles.

The TON Foundation, operating independently alongside Telegram, has joined forces with Tencent Cloud to support TON validators. This partnership ensures that the platform meets the demanding requirements for high computational intensity and network bandwidth. It particularly benefits Telegram games built on TON. In return, Tencent will provide valuable insights to Telegram, helping the messenger diversify its applications and attract users for various purposes.

Emulating WeChat’s Success

WeChat, often dubbed the Chinese super app, pioneered the mini app model. It offers an extensive array of services, including payments, food delivery, e-commerce, and ride-hailing. Telegram’s venture into the mini-app ecosystem has the potential to expand its user base globally, thanks to its decentralized payments network.

Notably, mobile game developers, already active in international markets, may find it easier to adapt their offerings to Telegram’s platform. The question remains whether Telegram can replicate WeChat’s triumph and effectively address the challenges of establishing a mini-app platform.

The evolution of Telegram into a super app signifies an exciting development in the world of messaging and app ecosystems. As it moves forward, the tech community eagerly awaits further updates on Telegram’s journey towards becoming a multifunctional super app. Stay tuned for the latest developments!

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