TikTok Tests Google Search A Big Change?

TikTok, a popular video app, is trying something new. They are Tests Google Search in their app. This is making people curious and excited because it might change how TikTok works. In this article, we will talk about TikTok’s experiment with Google Search and what it could mean for users.

TikTok’s Google Search Test:

Recently, someone named Rado Oncescu shared a picture on the internet. It showed a special Google search button in TikTok. This button lets you look for things inside TikTok. It’s a big deal because it’s different from how TikTok usually works.

How Google Search Works in TikTok:

When you press the Google search button, a message comes up. It says that TikTok is not responsible for what you find. This means TikTok is letting you search for things, but they don’t control what you see. It’s a new way to use TikTok.

Making TikTok Better:

TikTok’s search is usually for finding fun videos. But now, TikTok wants to make it even better. They want you to use TikTok to learn and find things too. This change could make TikTok more than just a place for fun videos.

TikTok’s Test and Google’s Role:

TikTok said they are Tests Google Search, but they didn’t say if they are working with Google on this. We don’t know if it’s about money or just to make TikTok more useful. We’ll have to wait and see.


TikTok trying out Google Search is a big deal. It could change how we use TikTok and what we can find on it. We’ll have to see how it goes and if it makes TikTok even better for all of us.

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