Vivo Developing Two Budget Foldable Smartphones Vivo V Flip and Vivo S Flip


Vivo, the renowned smartphone manufacturer, has recently submitted trademark listings for two new devices, the Vivo V Flip and Vivo S Flip, to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). These filings suggest that Vivo is working on budget-friendly clamshell foldable smartphones, expanding its foldable lineup.

At present, Vivo offers two foldable smartphone lineups, the flagship Vivo X Fold 2 and the vertically folding vivo X Flip. Typically, the “X” series denotes flagship models, hinting that the V Flip and S Flip might target the mid-range market.

While there’s no official information about the specifications or release date of these devices, the filings indicate that Vivo is actively developing these new smartphones. We’ll have to await further announcements and teaser campaigns from Vivo to get more details.

Motorola recently introduced its Razr 40 series, featuring a budget-friendly foldable model. There are also rumors circulating about Samsung exploring more affordable foldable options. Additionally, Honor is reportedly working on a budget-friendly vertical foldable called the Magic Vs, possibly an affordable iteration of the Magic V2.

As the foldable smartphone market matures and foldable screen technology becomes more accessible, the emergence of budget-friendly foldable smartphones is expected to grow. This trend promises more affordable folding phone options for a wider audience.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on these upcoming Vivo devices, as they aim to make the world of foldable smartphones more accessible to consumers. ( Vivo V Flip and Vivo S Flip )

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