Unexpected Results in First iPhone 15 Drop Test

The highly-anticipated iPhone 15 lineup, especially the Pro models, has been a hot topic in the tech world. Packed with exciting features like USB-C charging, enhanced cameras, a customizable action button, and more, it’s no wonder tech enthusiasts are eager to get their hands on them. However, there’s an unexpected twist that might give potential buyers pause. Contrary to Apple’s claims of increased durability, the iPhone 15 Pro models appear to be more fragile compared to their predecessors. Here’s the lowdown on the surprising results from the first iPhone 15 drop test.

iPhone 15 Pro’s Composition Shift

Apple made a significant change with the iPhone 15 Pro models by opting for titanium over the stainless steel used in previous versions. This shift in composition was marketed as a way to make the phone both lighter and more durable, with smoother, rounded edges.

The First Major Drop Test

To put the iPhone 15 Pro’s durability claims to the test, Sam Kohl from AppleTrack conducted a drop test in Australia. He compared the iPhone 15 Pro with the iPhone 14 Pro, dropping both models multiple times from various heights. Initially, the iPhone 14 Pro showed signs of wear even before the iPhone 15 Pro, especially when dropped from pocket and chest height. However, both phones remained relatively intact after the first few drops.

A Turn for the Worse

As the drop test continued, the iPhone 15 Pro began to show its vulnerability. When subjected to back, side, and extreme drops, the iPhone 14 Pro emerged fully functional. In stark contrast, the iPhone 15 Pro suffered extensive damage and became completely nonfunctional, even splitting into two pieces.

Curved Edges vs. Titanium

According to Kohl, it wasn’t the titanium composition that caused the significant damage to the iPhone 15 Pro but rather its curved edges. This initial drop test raises concerns about the device’s durability, particularly for users who prefer to go without a protective case.

In the world of tech reviews, one YouTube drop test isn’t the definitive verdict on a device’s durability. Only time will tell whether the iPhone 15 lives up to Apple’s promises or if it indeed falls short in terms of ruggedness.

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