Shah Rukh Khan’s Playful Interaction with Fans

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s recently delighted fans with a playful Q&A session on a social networking website. During the exchange, fans asked a variety of interesting and humorous questions, providing insights into the charismatic actor’s life and personality.

Lizard Visitors at Mannat?

One fan raised a unique question, inquiring whether lizards make appearances at Mannat, Shah Rukh Khan’s iconic residence. In his trademark witty style, Shah Rukh Khan responded that he doesn’t see lizards at Mannat. Instead, he mentioned the frequent presence of beautiful butterflies that captivate children as they flutter around the flowers.

Free Movie Screenings

Another fan humorously asked why Shah Rukh Khan, with his considerable wealth, doesn’t offer free screenings of his latest movie, “Jawaan,” to his family. The actor responded with warmth, expressing his willingness to share his films with everyone. He conveyed that nothing would make him happier than making his movies accessible to all.

Record-Breaking Success of “Jawaan”

Shah Rukh Khan’s film “Jawaan” has garnered tremendous success since its release. In just two weeks, the film raked in a remarkable 608 crores at the Indian box office. Additionally, it surpassed the 298 crores milestone in international markets, solidifying its place as a blockbuster hit.

Shah Rukh Khan playful and engaging interaction with fans showcases his charming personality and genuine connection with his admirers.

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