Possible Upcoming Decrease in Petroleum Product Prices

Islamabad: There is a possibility of a significant decrease in petroleum product prices in the coming month.

According to officials from the Ministry of Finance, due to the strengthening of the Pakistani Rupee, petroleum product prices may be reduced.

Officials have stated that for the first 15 days of October, the price of petrol may decrease by approximately 11.98 Pakistani Rupees per liter, while diesel could become cheaper by around 9.17 Pakistani Rupees. Additionally, the price of kerosene may drop by approximately 5.58 Pakistani Rupees.

It’s worth noting that on September 15, the government had raised petroleum’s product price’s significantly, with petrol prices per liter going up by 26 Pakistani Rupees.

Note: This news was published in the Daily Jang on September 23, 2023.

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