Mediterranean Diet A Shield Against Dementia

BELFAST: A recent study has unveiled the potential benefits of the Mediterranean diet in reducing the risk of dementia by approximately 25 percent.

In this United Kingdom-based research, over 60,300 individuals aged 40 and above participated, sharing insights into their daily dietary habits.

The study evaluated the degree of resemblance between their reported diets and the healthy Mediterranean diet typically observed in countries like Italy and Spain.

Remarkably, those who closely followed the Mediterranean diet found to be 23 percent less likely to experience cognitive decline compared to those who consumed these foods sparingly.

These foods believed to possess anti-inflammatory properties beneficial for both the body and the brain, which has linked to dementia prevention.

Dr. Claire McEvoy, one of the study’s authors from Queen’s University Belfast, emphasized that many individuals are unaware of the protective impact a healthy diet and lifestyle can have on memory and cognitive functions as they age.

She stated, “This research suggests that a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, fish, olive oil, and low in processed and sugary foods, as well as red meat, could play a role in mitigating the risk of dementia in the future.”

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