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Outrage in Lok Sabha Following Sikh Leader’s Killing in Canada

New Delhi: The Lok Sabha session in New Delhi took an unfortunate turn as members of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) expressed their anger following the killing of Sikh Leader’s Hardeep Singh in Canada, allegedly by India’s intelligence agency, RAW.

During the session, Ramesh Budhuri, a member of the BJP, resorted to offensive language and actions against Indian Muslim member Danish Ali. Reports from Indian media detail how Ramesh Budhuri used derogatory terms when addressing Danish Ali during the Lok Sabha session.

Budhuri’s offensive language included labels such as “terrorist,” “mulan,” and “katu.” Shockingly, another Hindu member sitting beside Budhuri seemed to react with a smile rather than intervening to stop his colleague’s offensive behavior. Even the Lok Sabha Speaker directed Danish Ali to sit down, rather than taking a firm stance against the use of such language.

This incident has not isolated, as there have been previous instances of hate speech against Muslims during Lok Sabha sessions, highlighting the need for better decorum and respect within the Indian parliamentary system.

The killing of Sikh Leader’s Hardeep Singh in Canada has provoked strong emotions and reactions, but it has crucial that such sentiments expressed respectfully and without resorting to offensive language or actions.

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