Apple Enhances iPhone 15 Security with Secret Watermarks

Apple is taking steps to bolster security for its iPhone 15 packaging, providing a new means for both retail staff and customers to confirm the authenticity of their devices. To tackle the growing issue of counterfeit iPhones often presented in convincing replica packaging, Apple has introduced an innovative invisible watermarking system, adding an extra layer of security.

Invisible Watermarks for Verification

A video initially shared by the leaker Majin Bu on X, originally posted on Weibo by user @Pengnone, showcases the process. In the video, an individual employs a UV light on the iPhone 15 box, revealing hidden watermarks and a QR code designed to assist in verifying the device’s authenticity.

Security Beyond Replication

While there is concern that counterfeiters may attempt to replicate this watermark, the added security likely stems from the QR code itself. It presumably contains a system-verifiable code that would be challenging for scammers to duplicate.

Caution in Purchases

Customers who purchase their iPhones from reputable, well-established retailers should have little worry about device authenticity. However, individuals engaging in the resale market or buying from smaller vendors may face a higher risk of encountering counterfeit devices.

When in doubt, consumers are advised to cross-reference the device’s serial number with the information provided on the packaging. Additionally, a thorough examination of the box for signs of tampering or manipulation can serve as an additional precautionary step to detect potential scams.

Stay Vigilant

The iPhone 15 lineup has currently available for pre-order and has set to hit stores on Friday, September 22. Given the high demand for these devices, it’s crucial for buyers to remain vigilant, especially during the initial release phase when scammers may be particularly active.

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