The Demise of MagSafe Duo Charger and MagSafe Battery Pack: Apple’s Decision Explained

Apple’s recent unveiling of the iPhone 15 series and other new products left many fans excited, but it also raised questions about the removal of two popular accessories from the company’s website: the MagSafe Duo charger and the MagSafe Battery Pack. This unexpected move has left some puzzled, but there are plausible explanations behind Apple’s decision.

1. Evolving Technology and Standards: USB-C and Qi2

One of the primary reasons behind discontinuing these accessories is likely the evolution of technology and industry standards. Reports suggest that the decision is influenced by two key factors:

a. USB-C Integration: Apple has been gradually transitioning its devices to USB-C ports, a versatile and widely adopted standard. With more devices, including iPhones and MacBooks, using USB-C for charging and connectivity, it’s possible that Apple decided to focus on this universal standard rather than investing further in MagSafe-specific accessories.

b. Qi2 Wireless Charging Standard: The emergence of the Qi2 wireless charging standard is another factor. Qi2 is an updated standard that allows for faster wireless charging, potentially at the same 15W rate as MagSafe. Unlike the original MagSafe, which was proprietary to Apple, Qi2 is open to third-party accessory manufacturers. This means that any Qi2-certified accessory can offer the same fast charging capabilities as MagSafe.

2. Reduced Market Need: Competition from Third-Party Accessories

Another plausible reason behind Apple’s decision could the belief that the market for portable battery packs and multi-device chargers has Well-Served by third-party manufacturers. While the MagSafe Duo charger was a convenient accessory for Apple users, there are numerous alternatives from other companies that offer similar functionality at varying price points. Apple may have assessed that its own offerings were no longer unique in the market.

3. Potential for Future Reintroduction

It’s worth noting that Apple has a history of discontinuing products only to reintroduce updated versions later. The full-size HomePod, for example, has launched in 2018 and later discontinued in 2021. Apple could be planning to rework these accessories to include USB-C compatibility and Qi2 certification, aligning them with the evolving industry standards.


In summary, while the removal of the MagSafe Duo charger and MagSafe Battery Pack may come as a surprise to some, it attributed to Apple’s adaptability to changing technology trends and standards. The company may be reevaluating its accessory lineup in light of USB-C adoption and the availability of Qi2 certification for third-party products. Apple’s decision could potentially pave the way for more versatile and universally compatible accessories in the future.

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