PTCL Group Extends Support to Pakistanis Affected by Natural Disasters in Morocco and Libya

In a heartfelt response to the recent devastating natural disasters in Morocco and Libya, PTCL Group, Pakistan’s largest telecommunication and integrated ICT services provider (comprising PTCL and Ufone 4G), has launched a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. This initiative reflects the company’s commitment to making a positive impact and providing support to those affected by the crises in North African countries.

Connecting Families in Crisis

The primary goal of PTCL Group’s CSR initiative is to bring solace and strength to families in Pakistan who have loved ones in Morocco and Libya, two nations that have been hit hard by natural calamities. Given the substantial Pakistani diaspora residing in these countries, PTCL Group recognizes the importance of connecting these families during these challenging times.

Ufone 4G’s Swift Response

Ufone 4G, a part of PTCL Group, was quick to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Morocco. As an extension of this effort, PTCL is now broadening the scope of the initiative by offering free calls to both Morocco and Libya. This generous offer is valid for a period of 15 days, from September 19 to October 03, 2023. It provides subscribers with 30 minutes of free International Direct Dialing (IDD) for communication with their loved ones in the affected countries.

Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

To ensure fair access to this valuable service, a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) will be in place. Each subscriber can utilize a total of 30 minutes of free calling over the 15-day period for both Morocco and Libya. This inclusive offer is available to all PTCL customers, irrespective of their subscription plan or package.

Ufone 4G’s Additional Support

Ufone 4G has taken further steps to assist affected individuals and their families. They have introduced a 7-day call package for Libya and Morocco, offering 30 minutes of free International Direct Dialing (IDD). Subscribing to this package is convenient; customers can simply dial *2255# to access this service. The package remains valid for an entire month, providing ample time for affected individuals to connect with their families, facilitate search and rescue efforts, and offer the support needed during these trying times.

A Socially Responsible Commitment

PTCL Group’s swift and compassionate response underscores its dedication to being a socially responsible organization. By actively contributing to the well-being of society, the company is not only supporting affected Pakistanis but also setting an example of corporate responsibility and solidarity during times of crisis.

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