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Protests Emerge Against LGBTQ+ Curriculum in Canadian Schools

Widespread protests have erupted in Edmonton and beyond, focused on the inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity topics, including discussions about being “gay,” in the Canadian schools curriculum.

The rallies, prominently covered by international media, have organized by the “One Million March for Children” group. Their official stance, as stated on their website, is to advocate against the inclusion of gender identity curriculum, gender ideology, and the implementation of mixed-gender bathrooms in educational institutions.

Benita Pedersen, serving as the coordinator of the Edmonton chapter of this group, has emphasized the importance of maintaining “Healthy Boundaries” within the Canadian schools environment. Pedersen contends that subjects related to sexuality and gender identity are not suitable for children.

Pedersen asserts that school administrations should prioritize respecting parental preferences. In their view, children should primarily receive education about binary concepts of male and female biology and reproductive processes. They argue that discussions on other aspects of sexuality should occur outside the school setting.

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