Unlocking the Night’s Secrets TECNO and PhotoLUMS Collaborate

TECNO Pakistan, in collaboration with PhotoLUMS, hosted an enlightening night photography workshop at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) on September 14th.

Exploring the Future of Photography

Adeel Chishti and Saboor Akram, renowned photographers, delved into the future of photography and the role of artificial intelligence in image processing during a captivating panel discussion.

AI’s Impact on Visual Storytelling

Saboor Akram emphasized that AI is revolutionizing photography by enhancing creativity and expanding the possibilities of visual storytelling, rather than replacing photographers.

Hands-On Experience and Competition

The workshop featured experience zones where attendees could explore TECNO’s Camon 20 series products. Additionally, a night photography competition was held, with the winner receiving a TECNO Camon 20 phone.

Empowering the Future of Photography

Adeel Chishti expressed his optimism about the enthusiastic participation of young individuals, hoping that their passion would lead to significant transformations in the field of photography.

Shaping the Future of Photography

The TECNO and PhotoLUMS encouraged students to consider photography not only as a passion but also as a potential profession. It fostered discussions about the future of photography in Pakistan, inspiring the next generation of photographers.

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