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Lahore Sikhs Protest Alleged Indian Involvement in Sikh Leader Killing

In Lahore, Pakistan, the Sikh community has come together in a protest against the Indian government. They allege that India played a role in the recent killing of a pro-Khalistan Sikh leader in Canada. The protest highlights growing concerns about the treatment of minority communities in India.

A Community’s Outcry:

Pakistani Sikhs expressed their anger and grief over the tragic incident, believing that Indian intelligence may be responsible. They have called for international attention to this matter, emphasizing the need to address what they perceive as Indian involvement in acts of violence.

Demanding Justice:

During the protest, former Punjab Assembly member Sardar Ramesh Singh Arora accused India of involvement in the Sikh Leader murder. He stressed the Sikh community’s right to peacefully pursue Khalistan and called for global accountability.

Support from Canada:

The protesters cited the Canadian Prime Minister’s concerns about India’s potential role in the Sikh leader’s killing, underscoring the need for justice and accountability on the global stage.

A Larger Conversation:

This protest reflects broader concerns about the treatment of minorities, including Sikhs and Muslims, in India, especially in the context of the Modi government’s rise to power.


The Lahore Sikh community’s protest serves as a poignant call for justice and accountability. Allegations of Indian involvement in the killing of a pro-Khalistan leader have ignited passionate voices, emphasizing the urgency of addressing these concerns on the international stage.

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