Insect-Like Robot Displays Remarkable Strength

American scientists have developed an insect-like robot capable of lifting loads that are 22 times its own weight, showcasing remarkable strength and innovation in robotics.

Engineered by Robert Shepherd

The robot Insect-Like has created by Robert Shepherd, a material engineer from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, along with his team of researchers. Their groundbreaking invention has made possible through the use of small actuators.

Actuator Technology

These small actuators designed as hollow cylinders covered with elastomeric silicone rubber. The robot has equipped with four such actuators that drive its legs. Each leg contains a mixture of methane and oxygen, which, when ignited by electrical impulses from a battery, enables the robot to jump and crawl.

Explosive Propulsion

The ignition of gases inside the cylinders leads to a controlled explosion, resulting in the formation of water and carbon dioxide while releasing energy. These explosions are rapid and do not produce flames or damage the rubber components. However, they provide the necessary force for the robot to jump, lifting loads up to 22 times its own weight to a height of 56 cm.

Impressive Advancements in Chemical Actuation

Ryan Turby, a materials scientist at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, praised the team’s research for achieving remarkable advancements in chemical actuation. Their findings published in the journal Science, showcasing the potential for future developments in robotics and materials science.

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