Snapchat Unveils New Marketing & Advertising Tools for Beauty Brands

Snapchat has set to empower beauty brands with a range of advertising and marketing tools, aiming to help them connect more effectively with their target audiences on the platform. During the recent Snapchat Beauty Summit, the company unveiled several upcoming developments, including non-live beauty Lenses, makeup drops for Bitmoji, and an ad tool named “Total Takeover.” Additionally, Snapchat announced a partnership with NYX for an augmented reality experience called “Beauty Bestie” and introduced a new feature enabling brands to tailor their messaging based on key search terms from chats with the “My AI” messaging bot.

Augmented Reality’s Transformative Potential

Snapchat believes that augmented reality has the potential to transform how people interact with the world and brands. In Q2, Snap reported a revenue of $1.068 billion and an increase of 14% in daily active users to 397 million year-over-year. The new tools allow for “post-capture filters,” enabling users to apply special effects to photos they’ve already taken. Beauty brands can leverage these Snapchat filters to create customized creative stickers and animated graphics for users to save or share.

Virtual Try-On with “Beauty Drops”

Snapchat is also working on “Beauty Drops” for Bitmoji, allowing users to virtually try on branded makeup products. The initial drop has expected to be in collaboration with e.l.f. Beauty. Additionally, Snapchat is exploring ways to share AI keywords from chats with “My AI” to brands, enabling targeted marketing based on users’ interests and inquiries. The goal is to make advertising content more relevant and increase user engagement with ads.

These new tools represent Snapchat’s efforts to monetize attention on its platform while providing beauty brands with innovative ways to connect with their desired audiences. The aim is to create a more engaging and effective advertising experience. What are your thoughts on these developments? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section.

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