Jenn Lee LFW Phygital Showcase Puts Fashion Tech in the Spotlight

Designer Jenn Lee to Explore the Metaverse in Fashion Tech”

Introduction: Acer, in collaboration with Taiwanese digital fashion startup Portal: M, has embarked on an exciting partnership with renowned designer Jenn Lee. Their innovative collaboration has seamlessly woven fashion into the digital realm, showcasing a transformative vision of the metaverse’s potential in the fashion industry. By incorporating gaming experiences and unveiling 3D designs during London Fashion Week, this collaboration presents a forward-looking approach to fashion, with a strong focus on sustainability.

Revolutionary Optical Solutions and Technology: Acer’s SpatialLabs™ Acer’s SpatialLabs™ technology introduces a suite of immersive experiences powered by cutting-edge optical solutions, display technology, and sensory capabilities. This technology extends the virtual world into a tactile dimension, offering stereoscopic 3D experiences without the need for specialized glasses. Content appears to hover in front of the screen, providing creators with real-time, 360-degree perspectives of their designs.

Cross-Industry Collaboration: Unveiling Jenn Lee’s 3D Designs The heart of this collaboration was unveiled at the Tab Centre in Shoreditch, London, where Jenn Lee’s captivating 3D designs took center stage. Facilitated by Makalot, Taiwan’s premier textile manufacturer and a key partner of Portal: M, this cross-industry collaboration underscores the immense potential of digitalization in driving sustainability within the fashion industry.

Sustainability as the Core Principle By embracing digitalization and the metaverse, the fashion industry gains the ability to drastically reduce fabric waste. The process of designing, showcasing, and selling clothing digitally significantly diminishes the need for physical samples and production, thereby reducing its environmental footprint. This collaboration serves as a powerful reminder that sustainable fashion and digital innovation can harmoniously coexist, paving the way for a more eco-conscious future in the world of fashion.

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