BTS’ Jungkook Misses Hanging Out with Bandmates, Hopes for a Reunion Soon

BTS’ Jungkook Eagerly Awaits Band’s Reunion

Introduction: During a conversation with 103.5 KISS FM, Jungkook from BTS opened up about his longing for a reunion with his bandmates. Over a year after BTS announced their hiatus, the 26-year-old singer expressed how much he misses working with the group.

Jungkook’s Reflections: When asked about each member of BTS, Jungkook shared, “Of course, each member has his own trait, so I could say what I miss about each of them. But more than that, as I worked on my solo project, I got to really miss all the moments we shared together rather than feeling empty.”

Yearning for Ordinary Moments: He went on to express that what he misses the most are the “ordinary moments,” like hanging out together in the waiting room while they pursued their individual endeavors. Jungkook reflected on his solo performance at Suga’s concert, saying, “I just thought that I want to be on stage with all our members, or I want to hang out with them in the waiting room.”

Hope for the Future: Despite their fame, Jungkook confessed that these simple moments are what he misses the most. He eagerly anticipates the day when they can experience these moments again, saying, “I hope that day comes back very soon.”

Band Hiatus and Member Enlistment: BTS announced their hiatus from group activities on their 10th anniversary last year. Subsequently, Jin and J-Hope enlisted in the armed forces, with Suga set to join them later this week.

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