Eye Infections Surge in Karachi During Rainy Season

Surge in Viral Eye Infections in Karachi Amid Rainy Season

KARACHI: The city has seen a significant increase in viral eye infections during the current rainy season, with numerous cases reported daily. Both public and private hospitals in Karachi are dealing with a rising number of cases of conjunctivitis, commonly referred to as “red eye.”

Jinnah Hospital Records 50 Cases Daily

Jinnah Hospital, a prominent medical institution in the city, has been registering 50 cases daily in its Outpatient Department (OPD). Among these cases, 25 specifically involve red eye infections affecting individuals of all age groups.

Causes and Precautions

Leading Consultant Ophthalmologist, Dr. Muhammad Moizuddin, attributes this sudden surge to direct contact with the ocular discharge of infected individuals. The infection typically lasts 8 to 10 days and characterized by redness, moisture, and discomfort in the eye. Dr. Moizuddin advises strict hygiene practices, including the separation of personal items like towels and toiletries.

Treatment and Relief

Affected individuals encouraged to use prescribed eye drops and clean tissues for eye cleansing. Cold water can provide temporary relief from discomfort. Maintaining caution and impeccable cleanliness are essential to prevent the spread of this highly contagious eye infection.

Symptoms and Complications

Dr. Rabia Chaudhry, Assistant Ophthalmologist at Jinnah Hospital Karachi, highlights symptoms such as redness, itching, and eye inflammation. In some cases, lumps near the ears may form, and the cornea can affected, potentially impacting visual acuity. Recovery is usually swift if the infection remains confined to the white part of the eye. However, when the cornea involved, healing may take two to three weeks.

Transmission and Misconceptions

Dr. Chaudhry dispels the misconception that the infection transmitted through casual eye contact. Instead, it facilitated by direct exposure to ocular fluids of infected individuals. Many cases have shown red eye occurring alongside cold, flu, and cough symptoms.

Preventing Transmission

To mitigate the risk of transmission within households and workplaces, personal hygiene is crucial. Avoiding shared items and thorough handwashing before applying eye drops are effective preventive measures.

Managing Symptoms

Individuals experiencing light sensitivity can find relief through sunglasses and cold compresses. Special attention urged for the well-being of children, who have also affected this contagious eye infection.

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