Belgium and Italy Seek iPhone 12 Software Upgrade Following France’s Actions

Apple faces increasing pressure from European countries as Belgium and Italy join France in requesting a software update for iPhone 12 devices. France had temporarily halted sales of the model due to concerns about radiation exposure breaches. While Apple and French officials emphasize that there is no public health risk from radiation emissions, regulatory bodies in these countries are taking precautionary measures.

Belgium’s Request:

  • Belgium has asked Apple to update iPhone 12 software not only for its own market but also across the European Union.
  • France’s temporary halt in iPhone 12 sales prompted this request. France had raised concerns about the device emitting more electromagnetic waves than allowed.

Initial Findings Are Reassuring:

  • Belgium’s IBPT regulator is currently conducting a review of the iPhone 12. However, the initial findings have been “reassuring,” according to Mathieu Michel, Belgium’s state secretary for digitalization.
  • Belgium does not currently require a recall of the iPhone 12 in its market.

Italy’s Planned Request:

  • Italy is planning to make a similar request to Apple for a software update affecting iPhone 12 users within the country. This follows Apple’s offer to implement adjustments in France to address radiation exposure limit violations.

No Public Health Risk, According to Apple:

  • Both Apple and French officials have emphasized that there is no public health risk associated with the radiation emissions from the iPhone 12.
  • The World Health Organization has also noted that numerous studies have found “no established adverse health effects attributed to mobile phone use.”

France’s Role:

  • France played a pivotal role in initiating these actions by temporarily halting iPhone’s 12 sales due to concerns about excessive electromagnetic radiation emissions.
  • Apple has assured France that it will release a software update for iPhone’s 12 users in the country, allowing them to comply with French regulatory protocols.

Continued Monitoring:

  • Regulatory bodies and authorities are closely monitoring the situation, with further evaluations and actions expected as the software updates are rolled out.

As Apple navigates these challenges in Europe, it continues to assert the safety of its devices, while countries take measures to ensure compliance with their respective regulations.

[Stay tuned for updates on this ongoing issue.]

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