Asia Cup 2023 Prize Money Breakdown for Winning and Runner-Up Teams

As the Sri Lankan and Indian cricket teams battle it out in the Asia Cup 2023 final, cricket enthusiasts are eager to know the prize money that awaits the victorious and runner-up squads.

Prize Money Distribution: According to reports from Express News, the winning team of the Asia Cup 2023 will receive a substantial prize money of over $2,000 (equivalent to approximately 5 crore 92 lakh 84 thousand Pakistani rupees) from the Asian Cricket Council (ACC).

Similarly, the runner-up team awarded more than $1,000 (approximately 2 crore 96 lakh 42 thousand Pakistani rupees).

The ACC will also compensate the other four teams that participated in the tournament. Bangladesh, securing the third position in the points table, has set to receive $62,500 (around 1 crore 85 lakh 26 thousand Pakistani rupees), while Pakistan, ranking fourth, granted $31,250 (about 92 lakh 63 thousand Pakistani rupees).

Additionally, the two teams from the group stage, Afghanistan and Nepal, will each receive $12,500 in prize money.

Historical Context: India has a remarkable track record in the Asia Cup, having claimed the title 7 times, while Sri Lanka has been victorious on 6 occasions. The tournament has witnessed fierce competition among Asian cricketing giants, making it one of the most prestigious events in the cricketing calendar.

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