Samsung to Launch “Galaxy Ring” Smart Ring in 2024

Samsung is venturing into the smart ring market, with the “Galaxy Ring” set for release in 2024. The Galaxy Wearable app’s latest update provides insights into the device’s design and its official name.

Design and Name Confirmation

The new app update unveiled a distinctive icon, offering a sneak peek at Samsung’s upcoming smart ring. Crucially, the update officially christened the device as the “Galaxy Ring,” solidifying its identity in the tech world. Samsung enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate its arrival in 2024.

Enhanced Control through App Integration

Samsung will likely employ its established approach, featuring a dedicated app installed on the smart ring. This app acts as a plug-in within the broader Galaxy Wearable ecosystem, granting users access to exclusive controls and features tailored to the smart ring. This strategy aligns with Samsung’s methodology for managing other wearable devices, where each generation receives its own dedicated app.

A Focus on Health Tracking

Health tracking has expected to be a central feature of the “Galaxy Ring,” reminiscent of the capabilities found in the Oura Ring. As a prominent player in the wearable technology market, Samsung’s smart ring has poised to take center stage at the company’s highly anticipated Unpacked event, scheduled for January.

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