Zaman Khan Wins Hearts Despite Pakistan’s Loss

In a crucial match during the Super Four stage of the Asia Cup, defending champions Sri Lanka secured a spot in the finals by defeating Pakistan. While Pakistan’s journey in the tournament came to an end with this loss, fast bowler Zaman Khan emerged as a hero and kept the opposition’s victory challenging until the last ball.

Zaman Khan’s Last Over Drama

In the closing moments of the match, Sri Lanka needed 8 runs from the last 6 balls, and it was Zaman Khan who bowled the final over for Pakistan. With Sri Lanka requiring 2 runs from his last ball, a fielding error allowed Sri Lankan batter Aslanka to score easily, securing his team’s victory and a spot in the final.

Zaman Khan’s Emotional Moment

Following the match, while national cricketers showed their disappointment in the stadium, Zaman Khan became emotional as he sat on the pitch. His teammates, including Shaheen Afridi, offered comfort and support.

Social Media Praise for Zaman Khan

Despite criticism of the national team’s performance in terms of fielding and batting, Zaman Khan’s emotional moment and valiant effort in the last over garnered widespread praise on social media. Cricket fans and enthusiasts shared their comments and appreciation for his dedication and sportsmanship.

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