France Orders Apple to Halt iPhone 12 Sales Due to High Electromagnetic Radiation

France has issued an order requiring Apple to cease sales of the iPhone 12 in the country due to concerns about high levels of electromagnetic radiation emitted by the device.

ANFR’s Recommendation

France’s radio frequency regulator, known as ANFR, has also called on Apple to address the issue in existing iPhones. ANFR has advised that if Apple cannot resolve the problem through a software update, the company should recall all iPhone 12 units sold in France.

Apple’s Response

Apple has indicated that it will challenge the decision made by the French institution. The company has stated that it has provided ANFR with lab test results, both from Apple itself and from third parties, demonstrating that the device complies with all legal requirements.

Exceeding Radiation Limits

According to Jean-Noel Barret, the French Digital Minister, the decision to halt iPhone 12 sales in France stems from concerns about the phone emitting radiation exceeding specified limits. Specifically, the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of the iPhone 12 has found to be higher than the legal limit.

Awaiting Apple’s Response

The French authorities anticipate a response from Apple within two weeks regarding how the company plans to address the issue. It’s worth noting that the iPhone’s 12 has released on September 12, 2020, and is still available for sale globally.

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